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Lubricating greases for food


  Lubricating greases for food
ATS 400 series lubricating greases for food is made from special metallic soap gelatinizer which is gelatinizered by compound base oil, EP agents for food, antioxidant and anticorrosive fluids. These products pass H1 type of lubricant in the American NSF identification. It is designed for lubrication in gears, bearings, transmitting belts, plastic and plastic, plastic and metal parts. It effectively reduces friction of components. It reduces running noises of devices and extend working life of devices.


Type Exterior Base oil Gelatinizer Denseness Temperature range NSF NO: Recommendations
ATS 422 White factice Synthetic oil Compound aluminum 1,2 —45~170℃ 147409 Suitable to lubrication in gears of food machines, conveyer belts, and bearings or other components in touch with food
ATS 425 White factice Synthetic oil Compound aluminum 1,2 —40~180℃ 147410
ATS 439 White factice Synthetic oil Compound aluminum 00,0,1 —25~180℃ 147411
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