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Oil metalworking fluids


  Oil metalworking fluids
ATSCUT oil metalworking fluids are processing oil which is used for cutting metal and removing chips. This series can satisfy different products’ lubricating and cooling demands. Oily cutting oil contains a particular additive which can ensure the surface of machine has smoothness, anti-rust, anti-corrosion. The working life of cutting oil reaches to the best. Different degrees of viscosity can satisfy the demands which honing operations require.


Type Features Density @15.6℃ g/ml viscosity
Flashing points℃ Exterior Processing methods Suitable materials

It is made from refined mineral oil. Containing special metal inhibitors, it is free from corrosion when processing cooper, aluminium and other nonferrous metal. It does not contain active sulphur. The smell does not volatilize. It has little mist. With good operations, it is suitable to various processing of machine tools. It is also suitable to high-speed numerical control machines. It does not contain fluorine and other poisonous matter.

0.83-0.85 20mm/s-
>160 Light yellow and transparent fluids Turning, cutting, drilling and other processes Iron casting, carbon steel and stainless steel

High-quality non-fluorine sulfurized fat refined mineral oil cutting fluids is suitable to turning machines with multiple-rotors and multi-cutters. It can process up to 45 tons tension steels. It is made from selected active sulphurized additives. Supplying good EP property, it can prevent the fusion between cutters and steel chips and improve the degree of finish and working life It is especially suitable to cutting of surfaces of stainless steels.

0.85-0.87 28mm/s-
210 Light yellow and transparent fluids Turning, cutting, drilling and other processes Nonferrous metal and ferrous metal

It is non-fluorine environmental cutting fluids designed for strong metal. It is made of refined base oil with high viscosity. With large quantities of active sulfur, fat, new phosphorus additives and other improver improving the degree of metal surface finish. Special recipes perfect the degree of finish in the processing, protect knives and resist heats.

0.85-0.87 38mm/s-
200 Amber transparent fluids High-speed turning, tapping, broaching,  hobbing, cutting and other processes Aero aluminum and aero alloy

It is a high-quality refined mineral oil cutting fluids with low viscosity. It contains a great deal of non-active sulfur, Chlorine compound additive, oxidizing materials and fat. It provides excellent EP lubrication and anti-attrition in heavy load process. It prevents sintering phenomenon and extend working lives. It can improve the degree of work-pieces finish. It is not only used in cutting in high-speed numerical control machines, but also used in processing of depth drills and gun drillings.

0.83-0.85 20mm/s-
160 Light yellow and transparent fluids Broaching, depth drill, gun drilling and other high-speed cutting processes Nonferrous metal, stainless steel, its alloy and other ferrous metal

It is refined mineral oil cutting fluids with heavy load. It contains large amount of active sulfur, fat, Chlorine additives, oxidizing materials, fat and other additives. With medium viscosity, it has excellent degree of finish, resistance to wear and anti-sintering performance. It is suitable to lubricating and cooling of turning machines with multiple-rotors, multi-cutters, automatic lathes and other traditional machine tools. It is especially suitable to produce highly precise stainless steel metal workpieces.

0.83-0.86 28mm/s-
200 Dark brown; transparent fluids Turning, cutting, broaching, tapping and other processes Ferrous metal and nonferrous metal
ATSCUT 68 it is high-quality medium- viscosity mineral oil cutting fluids with heavy load. It contains large quantities of non-active sulfur, Chlorine additives, chloride, fact and EP lubricant. It is suitable to process hard metal materials in heavy loads. In the processing of copper and other nonferrous metals it exerts excellent performances without corroding nonferrous metals. 0.85-0.87 30mm/s-
200 Light yellow and transparent fluids High-speed turning, cutting, hobbing and other processes Nonferrous metal and high nickel titanium alloy

It is made from refined mineral oil, EP lubricant and other special additives. It is the cutting fluids designed for medium cuttings of steels and cutting nonferrous metals with medium to heavy load. It has little odour, low volatilization and little mists. Under high cutting pressure it can separate chips from knives. It can prevent fritting and improve degree of finish. It is an ideal lubricant suitable to high-speed cutting.

0.82-0.84 14mm/s-
160 Light yellow and transparent fluids High-speed cutting, turning, tapping and other processes Glass,china, gemstones
ATSCUT 500EP It is excellent multipurpose high-speed cutting fluids which can satisfy all processing of metal and non-ferrous metal. Containing large amount of active sulfur, chloride, fact and other special lubricating EP additives, it can successfully manage all metal processing, including processing alloy, steel and other hard metals with heavy loads. It can maximize working life and improve degree of finish. 0.82-0.85 12mm/s-
165 Light yellow and transparent fluids High-speed cutting, turning, gundrilling, deep drilling, boring, reaming  and other processes ferrous metals, stainless steels, high nickel steel, heat resistant steel, alloy steel
ATSCUT 686M It is made from highly refined mineral oil and selected special lubricating additives. It is cutting fluids designed for processing slightly non-steal metal and alloy. The load of additives guarantees the working life of knives as well as the qualities of workpieces. Without containing chlorine, active sulfur and heavy metal, it ensures the safe operating environment and does not oxidize the nonferrous metals. 0.83-0.85 12mm/s-
180 Light yellow and transparent fluids High speed cutting, turning and other processes Copper, aluminum, magnesium and other alloy

It is the highest degree of pure oil cutting fluids containing large amount of fatty stool anti-friction composition and high-tech EP additives. It is especially designed for metals with heavy load which is difficult to cut. It has been used in titanium alloy, titanium aluminum alloy in aerospace and other most difficult processing materials. It is suitable to situations where high lubrication exists with high friction. It reduces the order, abrasion of knives and excellent degree of finish for materials with hardness and high tenacity.

0.85-0.87 30mm/s-
200 Amber transparent fluids Turning, cutting, tapping and other processes Aero titanium alloy, titanium alloy 400 series, stainless steel other difficult-to-machine materials

It is made of refined close-cut fraction and lubricating additives. It has low viscosity, light color, little smell, less volatile, less mist. It can lose heat quickly. With strong filtration, high penetration and high flashing point, it has excellent lubricating and cooling. It is mainly used in grinding of all kinds of metal. For copper, it does not have corrosion but flushing property. It can extend the working life of brush wheels and honing stones and perform excellent surface finishing and dimensional accuracy.

0.83-0.85 5mm/s-
125 Light transparent fluids Honing, precious grinding Ferrous metal and nonferrous metal

It is made of refined close-cut fraction and lubricating additives. It is excellent metal grinding working fluids which is used in honing operations which have difficult in operating and degree of surface finish, and strict shape. It is suitable to diamonds, china, and boron nitride grinding wheels. Its additives have excellent load capacity. It ensures extending the life of grinding apparatus and gaining perfect quality of workpieces.

0.83-0.85 6mm/s-
125 Light transparent fluids Honing operation Nonferrous metal and ferrous metal
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