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Lubricating greases for cars



Lubricating greases for cars

Lubricating greases are everywhere in the motor, batholiths, body, and more than 100 electric devices of a car. Lubricating greases directly influence a car’s dynamic performances, economical efficiency, handling stability and degree of comfort. Closely related to a car’s speed, flexibility, reliability, fuel-efficiency, environmental protection, lubricating greases are an essential part in a car.
ATS lubricating greases can satisfy the developments of cars. It can prolong lubricating cycle and realize whole-life lubricant. It can reduce friction, fuel consumption,shocks and noises prolong the life of a car, prevent corrosion of cars and provide damping.


Lubricating greases for motor system and other related components

Type Used Parts Characteristics
ATS 241MS Bearing of starting dynamo,gears and racks small starting torque in low temperatures,excellent extreme pressure wear-resistance and anti-corrosion
ATS 735     electromagnetic valves in starting dynamos Have damping ability, reduce noises, prolong working life of gears
ATS SB-54E     Supercharger and turbochargers Extreme pressure wear-resistance, good resistant to corrosion, long working life
ATS FG-160Z EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve Wide temperature range, anti-corrosion gas and other gas extending EGR’s life
ATS FG-65   stepper motor controlled by electronic valves Wide temperature range, anti-corrosion to oily gas, use for long time in high temperatures
ATS FG-30     The motor of idling air promoter Wide range of temperatures, anti-corrosion to oily gas, use for long time in high temperatures
ATS 354MS Motor bearings of cooling fans, electric generators and pumps elevated temperature property and lubricating ability
ATS 241MS CVJ constant velocity cardan joint, CV joints, velocity cardan joints atisfy different lubricating challenges of productions of cv and velocity cardan joints
ATS 227/ATS 25     Bearings of wheel hub Have a good anti-water property, improve transmission efficiency, long working life


lubricating greases for electrical system

Type Used Parts Characteristics
ATS 731/ATS 714 Contacts for connectors Protect contactors, prevent oxidation and corrosion, prolong serving life, keep low contact resistance
ATS FF-25Z/ATS FG-90 Contacts for gold-plated connectors Prevent metal corrosion and abrasion; reduce insertion force
ATS 781/ATS FG-160Z Switches with heavy load, starters, front light, off beam, high current switch contact, rotary signal switches

Prevent wear and corrosion of contacts, extinct arcs;  no oxidizing material to reduce electroconductivity
Without insulation degradation;
Prevent wear; long working life

ATS 2451A Medium load switches, ventilating fans, glass wipers, car windows, seats and lock switch contacts Prevent contact corrosion and wear; Without producing voltage drop; long serving life
ATS 221A/ATS FF-10Z  Switch contact with low load Low ambient temperatures; prevent wear and corrosion


lubricating greases for chassis and brakes

Type Used Parts Characteristics
ATS 229 Steering column ball bearings Wide range of usage temperatures, water-resistant, anti-rust, reduce noises, long serving life
ATS 836
ATS 735F
steering wheel deflection ,telescopic machine column, gear cases Good damping temperament, no noises, good Shear stability, reduce noises and shocks, long lubricating life
The intermediate shaft and fitting telescopic shaft Good damping temperament, reduce shocks and vibrations, reduce noises, wide range of usage temperature, long lubricating life
ATS 837MS racks and small gear system Good damping temperament, reduce noises and vibration, high temperature resistance
ATS 226MS Power steering motor Wide range of usage temperature, contain liquid lubricant
ATS 866/ATS 837R  Bearings of stabilizators Good Compatibility; nonproliferation
ATS 738MS ane-type spring damper; Disc Brake, Drum brakes Good damping ability, reduce noises, contain solid lubricant, reduce wear, anti-water, prevent wear
ATS FF 25Z/ATS FG 160Z  Bearings and gears of electronic brakes Good low temperature temperament, high temperature resistance, long serving life
ATS FG 65 ABS anti-lock braking system, bearings, plungers and screws of TCS traction control system, Anti brake fluid; comparability with EPDM rubber and O type ring; long serving life
ATS 866/735F  Ball joints Wide usage temperature, water-tolerant, long serving life


lubricating greases for inner cars and car accessories

Type Used Parts Characteristics
ATS 735    seat slides Anti-proliferation, not pollute peripheral facilities, good damping ability, anti-vibration, no noise
ATS 223F  Electronic seats gearings; gear cases No proliferation, reduce noises
ATS 228  Car window sun visor  anti-proliferation and anti-infiltration; no smell
ATS 221BF Temperature controlling system, plastic gears of air outlet Good low ambient temperatures, good hand handling
ATS 835 Tune switches, Brightness adjusting wheels Good damping ability, good texture, extend serving life
ATS 875  pointer tables of instrument panel Keep working life and precision of precision instruments
ATS 733 Contacting glass displays, ashtrays, hand controller grip  
ATS 735   scuttle Anti-proliferation, good water resistance, reduce noises and vibration
ATS 221A/ATS 836    The door lock actuator Low temperature touching torque, good water resistance, long serving life, good damping ability, reduce noises
ATS 866    Components of power windows ow ambient temperatures, anti-water, anti-dust, anti-pollution
ATS 733F    Electro-motion rearview mirror low ambient temperatures, reduce vibration and noises
ATS 263    rain wiper and other related parts ow ambient temperature, anti-water, long serving life
ATS 227F
ATS 624F
Electro-motor sliding door and bearings and contact rollers of dragline sliding doors Low temperature starting torque, anti-water, long serving life, anti-water, anti-dust, low oil separation ability
ATS 735/ATS 227F   Pedal position system No proliferation; long serving life
ATS 733F/ATS 263F PRNDL gear lever assembly Low noises, anti-vibration, low temperature resistance; It has smoothly sliding and advanced texture
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