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Storage and Application of Lubricating Grease

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Precautions for Storage and Application of Lubricating Grease


Maintenance of Lubricating Grease
1.Sealed and Stored in Shade
Please seal and store it indoor and prevent sun, rain or dust. The best storage temperature is 10-30°C; too much change of temperature will cause poor stability.
Keep the package erect when storing and don’t lay or roll the barrel when moving.
2.Prevent Impurities
If lubricating grease is polluted, the quality reduction will be accelerated. When coated on the lubricating surface, it may damage the equipment.
3.Please Don’t Store It for A Long Time
Long term storage of grease will cause oil separation and oxidization. Reasonable storage shall be done and please use them according to the production date. The shelf time of grease is generally 2 years.


Application of Lubricating Grease
1.Please learn the working condition requirement of the equipment before use; use it under the guide of manual;
2.Please clean the lubricating part or oil tank before use to prevent pollution;
3.Please stir it before use; level the residual grease to prevent oil separation after use;
4.Performance may be reduced if mixed with other grease in different models。