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ATS is specialized in researching, producing and selling high-quality synthetic lubricant. Providing comprehensive and professional lubricated solutions, ATS is one of the world-leading lubricant suppliers. With more than 200 kinds of high-tech specialized lubrication, special lubricating grease, metal working fluid and additives, our company can satisfy the lubricating demands of various industries. Moreover, ATS can develop new products according to customers’ performance specifications and working conditions. The products are widely used in different industries including cars, industrial machinery, metallurgy, electronics, food and medicine processing, IT and precision instruments, etc. 


In order to bring leading-edge lubricating technology to China, ATS (HongKong) co. Ltd provides ATS products and technical 
support to China in 2008.


In 2011, our company set up a production base in ZhongKai High-tech Development Zone in HuiZhou, Guangdong. This production base is the first one in China which involves research, development and production. With strong R & D team, modern company management, advanced labs and automatic production line, our company provides high-performance production and comprehensive technical support to domestic and foreign companies.